Since 2012, we have with the Vinmart Foundation on various socio-economic initiatives that have ushered in positive change to surrounding communities in the Katanga province. The foundation has helped providing accessibility to free healthcare and education through various tie-ups with local medical facilities and schools. Through the Vinmart Foundation we have also touched the lives of residents by strengthening overall infrastructures through initiatives such as digging borewells and rehabilitating roads. Support to entrepreneurs in rural areas isfluently providedin order to develop their abilities in agriculture and animal husbandry. Learn more about Vinmart Foundation


To provide a sustainable and efficient water and energy solution, we upgraded existing manual pump borewells to solar powered pumps across Somika sites at Kimin and Lupoto, and the Somika campus. We also installed taps at a borewell in Lupoto to supply potable water to the local community.


To enhance the education opportunities in Lupoto, we have built constructing a secondary school for the local children.


‘Plugged In’ is a step toward narrowing the digital divide in DRC by equipping local school students with the digital skills they need to compete in this digital age. Our ongoing program is offered in Basic and Intermediate levels at 7 schools in Lumbumbashi, 2 schools at Kalemie and 1 school in Kisengo. During the period 2018 to 2020, student enrolment for the basic level was about 2064, and 801 for the intermediate level. Furthermore, in the same period ‘Plugged In’ succeeded in achieving graduation rates of close to 90% and 88% for the basic and intermediate levels respectively.


Somika donates essentials such as medicines.

We provide support to the Jack Foundation by supplying the monthly food requirements for the Chimpanzees housed at the foundation.

Somika provides financial support through the George Malaika foundation to cover teacher salaries and allied expenses.

We provide monthly financial support to Maison Bumi to meet the healthcare and education requirements of the resident orphans as well as the children in the neighbourhood.


We have constructed a state-of-the-art dispensary at Lupoto to serve the healthcare requirements of the local community.

Launched in 2019, Somika’s free nutrition program for children has been implemented in the villages of Kipopo, Mukoma and Kajama at the Lupoto site. The ongoing program has fulfilled the nutrition requirements of over 466 children between the ages 0 and 5, with more than 303 children showing positive improvement. The remaining children are still under treatment.


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