Our story started in 1997 from Tanzania, with the opening of Vinmart LTD which is also known for Trading in Soft commodities. Considering the incredible Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DR Congo) potential in mineral resources and the worldwide growing demand, we identified exciting opportunities of development in the country.

Thus, began in 2001 our journey in the DR Congo mining industry, known as a strategic sector for the socio-economic development of this country that we are proud of making our new home. This success story would not be a reality without Chetan Chug’s vision and passion. Thanks to these two secret ingredients, we made a humble start the same year in Lubumbashi in the very famous Katanga Province, founding SOMIKA SARLU (Société Minière du Katanga) with the ambition to become the flagship of a Group of companies that is doomed to lead the mining industry in the DR Congo.


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