SOMIKA is a metal mining company that strives to improve occupational health and safety policy. The company aims to prevent all incidents and accidents during its operations in a reasonably practical way and strives to minimize the hazards and implement required control measures associated with the Copper & Cobalt supply chain.

We believe that we are accountable not just to our customers but also responsible for the welfare of our people, environment and the surrounding communities that support the Somika journey.

Since our inception, we have strived to optimize our resources and supplement our exponential growth with the earned trust of our stakeholders by maintaining ethical and sustainable practices.

Please download and read our Due Diligence Policy Document to know more about the procedure we follow to ensure due diligence is executed at every stage of operations - and at every location of business.


Raising Concern

Thank You for Your concern. We will take it as part of our continuous improvement key point.

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