Our Kipushi plant was commissioned in 2001, making it Somika one of the first processing plant in the country. Located within the city limits of Lubumbashi, the Somika Kipushi plant is a key producer of Copper Cathodes and Cobalt (II) Hydroxide.

Copper and Cobalt processing plant: This hydrometallurgy facility sustains production of more than 24,000 TPA of Copper Cathodes and 3,000 MTPA of Cobalt (II) Hydroxide. Feed material of the spiral concentrates come from our Lupoto DMS Plant and run-of-mine (ROM) from other Somika-owned captive mines. Our plant is fitted with state-of-the-art machinery that drives end-to-end metallurgy processing such as raw material handling, crushing, milling, leaching, solvent extraction and electrowinning. The facility also comprises an effluent treatment unit and a tailing storage facility.

Acquired in 2016, our Lupoto mine is located 25kms from Lubumbashi and hosts the following amenities:
DMS Plant :Our facility has the capacity to process over 200TPH of Copper Oxide ore with average 2.2% grade. The amassed DMS rejects are processed in a VAT leaching plant, while the spiral rejects are preserved in large ponds for later use in copper production.

~7.5 % DMS Copper Concentrate ~0.9 % DMS
~6.5 % Spiral Copper Concentrate ~2.3 % Spiral

8K VAT plant : Apart from handling raw material, our plant is equipped with robust infrastructure including a VAT leach tank, solvent extraction facility, electro-winning cell house, and an effluent treatment and tailing storage facility.

Sulphuric Acid Plant (SAP): We produce pristine industrial grade Sulfuric Acid of 98.5% concentration at our environmentally compliant plant, for use in our hydrometallurgy Copper and Cobalt processing facilities. We also supply our product to various local industries.

250 TDP Production
Conversion Efficiency
98.5% Concentration 98.5% Sulphur

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