True to our motto, we at Somika consider our people to be our greatest asset. That’s why we strive to create a rewarding environment that makes employees at every level of the organization feel nurtured and appreciated. We instill a culture of diversity and inclusivity across teams, and foster work-life balance that drives personal and professional growth across every member of our workforce.

As a quality conscious company that believes in innovation and staying on top of the game, we know that our teams should reach their full potential in order to achieve business objectives. Keeping individual career trajectories in focus, we provide employees upskilling, reskilling and cross-training opportunities such as leadership development, interpersonal relationship and conflict management, and partners in progress, to help them evolve in their career path.

Since great ideas can come from anywhere, we encourage a collaborative work style across domains in the organization. Somika conducts talent engagement activities such as quality circles, to nurture bonding and build trust among teams. We also host socio-cultural and recreational activities like sports competitions, community programs and festive celebrations.


Raising Concern

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